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Why do people choose the African Safari Destinations? Because the African flavour of travel never fades. When it comes to African Adventures, East African Destinations top the list. Countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have always been the best African Safari Destinations since centuries for their exotic beauty and unique African offerings.

Tanzania Destinations: Tanzania offers some of the most sparkling destinations including two of its travel circuits called the Northern Circuit and the Southern Circuit. The country hosts a number of world- class National parks such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire where the African wilds roam freely unfenced providing you the scope of watching them from up-close. The trekking to the highest mountain of Africa the Mount Kilimanjaro, the Annual Migrations of wild beasts in Serengeti and unwinding at some of the most dazzling beaches on Earth in Zanzibar are some of the most glowing African Safari Destinations famous for providing the extraordinary experience for lifetime.

Kenya Destinations: Kenya awarded to be the best African Destination in 2017 for the 4th time makes it sure that it is a great African destination: a magical land where the magic lies from Amboseli National Park to Mount Kilimanjaro. Kenya’s Massai Mara is a part of the most sensational drama played by the migratory animals where the Kenyan Lions lurk to haunt the river crossing animals. With Lake Nakuru, known for the great concentration of flamingos and Lake Naivasha known for the best viewing of games including big fives make this a superb African Safari Destinations to explore.

Uganda Destinations: Known for the mountain Gorillas: Uganda is a scenic land that exactly fits and what it is called the pearl of Africa. With lakes and gorges this land is a great African Safari Destinations. Spending time with the Gorillas in their habitats is quite rewarding.

Rwanda Destinations: Known as the land of thousand hills: it is scenic and a perfect African Safari Destination for experiencing the real African Adventure. Spotting Gorillas in some of its National Parks and spending time with them in their natural habitats are the best thrilling experiences that attract the world attention to this land. An interaction with the locals and lazing by the Lake Kivu are the incidents you can’t forget throughout your lifetime.  

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Tanzania Destinations


This land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Serengeti is simply Africa’s best Safari Destination of your dream , from trekking the world’s free standing mountain to visiting the Africans “Big Five” in Serengeti, Ngorongoro , Manyara and Tarangire or Chimpanzee tracking in Gombe and Mahale. Your visit to Tanzania is sure to mark your life with an adventure of a lifetime. Culture diversification among her people in 120 tribes guarantees you a new life perspective. The most important of all Tanzanian people hospitality is simply out of this world Experience. Let Face of Africa Adventures guide you.

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Kenya Destinations


The Magical Kenya! Indeed in Kenya you will sure find the wealth of untold Destination. Imagine feeding giraffe from the palm of your hand or visiting Elephants’ orphanage center? All these are possible in this magical Land of Kenya. Enjoying the magnificent view of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National park or Getting to see the pride of Lion in Maasai Mara or just taking tour down Kenyan and Portuguese memory lane in Fort Jesus will always enrich your memory box. Face of Africa Adventures is just that
right company for you to experience the magic of this country :).

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Uganda Destinations


There is a reason why Uganda is called the pearl of Africa. Face of Africa Adventures could not help noticing the thrilling Adventures in this part of Africa that are sure to add life to our clients search for adventures and curiosity.

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Rwanda Destinations


This remarkable land locked country of East Africa has so much to offer more that you can imagine, renowned for being the Land of Thousand hills, and one among the three countries in Africa where you can still witness the world’s endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. From the Volcanoes National Park to Nyungwe National park to Akagera National park, whether it is gorillas tracking or simply seeking adventure in Kigali city tour, Mingling with local people and get to learn their rich traditions or just relaxing by the lake Kivu, Rwanda is an ideal place for you. Face of Africa Adventures takes just can’t wait to have that honor of showing you:).

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