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Why African Safaris Are A Real World Learning Experience For Kids

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You may think that bringing your kids on an African Safari Tours can be hazardous and it might quiet easier to leave your children at home. By doing that you are restricting your children from getting new educational and enthusiasm opportunities. You must not forbid children to experience new things at first, but by bringing them along with you, you teach them that travelling is fun, adventurous and first step towards gaining real world knowledge and natural experience. It will be just another way to de-addict your kids from harrowing social media sites and gadgets. In addition to this, you will get some more free time to spend with your kids and connect with them. You can better understand about your kids and you can about them.   

It may be easier to buy your child an educational book for them to read. Yet, this will also make your child easier to forget that information if they don’t have real world or hands-on experience.

1. They Will Learn To Respect Wildlife

The first and foremost advantage of African Safari Tours is that they will acknowledge and will also learn to respect wildlife and wild animals. They will not stay ignorant anymore regarding the beauty of nature and the role it plays.

  • When children see animals at a zoo, they get excited and they can sometimes end up tapping on the glass and this may bother the animal.
  • But in African Safari Tours they can experience live dangerous animals in their habitat. This created fear and respect towards the animals 

2. Experience Something New And Out Of The Text Book

Your kids experience something new and exciting that is out of the textbook. Books can never teach kids on how to care, how to feel and how to love and how to give respect. Such types of safaris give lots of experience to kids.

3. They Will Love To Explore The Nature

Your kids will cultivate lots of interest in exploring nature through African Safari Tours they will be able to acknowledge how their ancestors used to live among wild animals. It will also help them in learning various survival tactics with your guidance.  

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

If you want your kids to learn climbing and trekking then this is the right time to do. They will learn how to climb or trek on a mountain. They will acquire some hands-on experience with basic mountaineering skills; this will also make them bold and daring. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is also the best place to impart some basic acclimatizing skills to your children. 

  • Mount Meru

Climbing Mount Meru is another option for your kids if you want to make your kids to chill out during the African Safari.

4. Understand Cultural Differences

The reason we are watching and experiencing so much hatred and violence in the world because of not being able to understand the cultural differences. As responsible parents, we can help our kids to understand different types of cultures that exist in the world starting with African Safari Tours and travel that will help your children to understand the culture that is quite different than the culture you are watching & experiencing at home.  

  • Different Communities And Tribes

During the entire tour, your kids will get lot of time to interact and communicate with different communities and tribes that are native to Africa and are also very friendly in nature. Through them, your kids will learn lot of survival skills of tribes in dense jungle, and how different types of tribes are living together and celebrating festivals together despite of cultural differences. Your kids can teach all these same techniques to their own kids as well.

  • Languages

A Safari Tour To Africa also helps your kids a lot in learning various new languages such as Swahili that is a local language of an African country such as Tanzania.  

  • Food

Have you or your kids ever tasted an African food? If they have not then it is the time. In Africa, you will get Seswaa, Burnt Orange, Nigerian Okra soup and many more that will not be just tasty but also tangy and healthy. Your safari trip is not just a good learning experience, but also a healthy one for your kids.

  • Culture, Tradition And Festivals

There are various cultures, traditions and festivals that your kids are going to enjoy along during the African Safari Tours. There are festivals such as AfrikaBurn, Sauti Za Busara etc.  

It is easy to make a child read a book about other cultures and ways of life. But, having them experience it for themselves will make them remember it for the rest of their lives.

5. Spend Quality Time With Family

You will get a lot of quality time to spend with your kids during this great holiday trip that is actually impossible to provide them while getting busy with professional life and work. 

6. Camps And Lodges Have Special Activities For Kids

There are lots of special activities for kids that have been provided by few camps and lodges such as junior ranger programme to involve kids during all such African Safari Tours.

Bringing your kids along will also be a great parenting experience for you. We provide some of the best African Safari Tours that your children are going to like. Imparting some real education to your kids is more important than thinking about money. Don’t worry; our safari trips are mostly safe and entertaining. Make your kid’s first step to the real world and connect them with natural wonders. 

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