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What To Expect On An African Safari?

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African Safari Tours is not an ordinary adventure but it’s one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. A dark and stormy night- torrential rain – the flashes of lightning and thunder- you are driving with your guide on the winding muddy tracks in the rainforest- and there is no one as long as your eyes go. Suddenly the front wheel of your jeep fell into a ditch – you tried to come out of it, but in vain and you could see a poster with the headlamp of your light that reads”Prohibited Zone” and suddenly you are shivering with the roar of an African lion coming from deep into the forest- Screaming and waking up from your bed. You are sweating profusely with the air-conditioner on. This is what the African Safari is.

Africa is a great place for safari enthusiasts not for the light-hearted persons. It suits to those love adventure. Yet it is fascinating, a hot destination visited by millions from overseas every year.

African Safari

What makes Africa to bag so many tourists – even larger in numbers than the western countries? The action-packed National Parks, the towering mountains those are covered with the green carpets, the simmering Oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the vast dried deserts that host dunes and the oasis: are a few that make this continent the hottest hotspot in the world.

Every part of Africa appears uniquely and offers a unique taste. The travellers to this land rightly say that “Africa Offers New Dreams Every Day To Fulfill Travellers Expectations”.


Want Holidaying In Africa On Your Next Vacation?

Read this blog. It contains some of the basic information about the continent which would help you in planning a comfortable African Safari to this land. This information would guide you for a hassle-free journey to Africa which would help you to get the bests of this continent.


Consider Before Going For An African Safari:

  • Visa Information:

African Visa

If you don’t belong to the visa exemption country, then a visa for any of the African country you are travelling to is mandatory. The following basic information would help you to arrange a visa for yourself before you arrive there. Some countries offer the facility of Visa on arrival. But they make it so completed that it may cost more to get you or if you would be unable to submit the requisite papers, you may be denied to enter the country.

Download a visa application form, fill it properly and apply to the embassy of the visiting nation. It’s a good idea to apply as far in advance as possible, in order to give you time to overcome any complications or delay.

Submit all the testimonials starting from the photo to the passport and the copy of invitation letter. Always make your payment online for safety and the security.

  • Transportation System:

African Transportation System

Africa is having the low level of transport infrastructure with poor quality of roads. All most all the countries operate the public transportation. But in Africa, most of the game packed National parks lie away from the towns: in the remote areas. Hence exploring them with the public transportation is almost impossible. It is always an ideal decision to hire a car with a driver much before you arrive at your destination. While hiring a car company: care for the followings:

  1. If the company is registered?
  2. If it has the insurance coverage for the vehicle and the passenger as well.
  3. If there is any hidden cost. If yes, what are the norms?
  • Communication System:

African Communication System

Communication is the best instrument of social engineering and development. Communication systems in Africa are rich with media situations in various African countries. Nowadays the smartphones have been the key to the African communication. The network has been so strong that it is very easy to make international calls to any part of the world immediately. The mobile network is a key instrument that has given rise to the tourism in Africa. The internet service also is not lagging behind. You can access internet in hotels, resorts and even in the camps. Many international companies providing the internet and mobile services have taken Africa as a great market for their products for the growing tourism here. In case of facial communication, you would find a lot of guides speaking English and the language would not be a problem for you in any of the African countries.

  • Accommodation:

African Accommodation

When it comes to the accommodation, the continent of Africa stands as one of the finest places in the world. The accommodation infrastructure has grown keeping pace with the growth of tourism in the continent. The African accommodation ranges from the luxurious hotels, villas and resorts to the budget-friendly hotels, guesthouses and the camps. You can choose any of the accommodation that best suits to your budget and timing. The luxury accommodations provide the western style amnesties. From cheaper to costly: Africa has all the options of accommodation.





  • Cuisines:

African Cuisines

Traditionally, in the various cuisines of Africa, the chefs use a combination of locally available fruits, cereal grains and vegetables, in combination with the milk and meat products. Hence for both the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian, it is a food paradise. Besides the local cuisines, keeping in view to the demands of the tourists, the chefs are preparing the international dishes as per the demands of the tourists. You can find the real taste of Africa from the street food centres or the beachfront restaurants is an ideal place to escape for this.

  • Currency:

African Currency

The currency differs from country to country in Africa and the exchange rate too. Dollars are the most acceptable currency here which can be converted very easily in the banks or in the exchange centres into the local currency.









  • Time and Focus:

Best Time To Visit Africa

Most of the African countries exist in the tropical region, hence many of them are the year-round destinations. But the best time to visit Africa tends to depend on wildlife. For the eastern and southern African countries, May to October is the best time to visit. This is the time to find more animals in the National parks. June to early September is good for northern Africa. Gorillas can trek at any time of the year.







Always try to choose a good and experienced guide who can give your tour to Africa a good mileage. Think of any part of Africa: you would have a satisfactory tour with all African tastes.

Just read our customers views who have travelled with us and we are sure that you would choose none other than us for your African Safari Tours.

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