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The Unknowing Facts Of Tanzania Safari To Find World Class Opportunities

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Tanzania is regarded as an excellent safari destination, largely due to the colossal amount of wildlife that it has and sheer landform diversity found throughout the country. From barren deserts to tropical forests to mesmerizing beaches, Tanzania has a lot to offer. Here are some unknown Travel Facts About Tanzania you should know to satisfy your curiosity about this fascinating east African country.

1.Nearly 38 Percent of Tanzania is National Parks

Tanzania National Parks

Tanzania is the 13th largest country in Africa with 947,303 square kilometers of area. What is more interesting that Tanzania has set aside almost 38% of the land area is set aside for protected areas for conserving the diverse wildlife that it accommodates. This also helped the country to shrug off and reduce poaching to the minimum which had long grappled the country. There are 16 Tanzania National Parks and many forest reserves which not only accommodate the wildlife but form the economic background of Tanzania.

2.Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest Mountain In Africa

You must have read in your geography books that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. But few know that the second tallest mountain is in Africa and that is Mount Kilimanjaro. With an height of 5895 meters above sea level, it is referred to as the “Roof of Africa.” Many mountaineers come to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the hope trekking to the top. There are seven distinct routes and six different climate zones to pass through.

3.The Great Migration Sees Over 2 Million Animals Travel Across the Plains

What is called the biggest mammal migration on the planet, the Great Migration takes place every year in the Serengeti ecosystem in both Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Close to 2 million mammals consisting of wildebeests mainly along with zebras, elands, impalas cross thousands of kilometers in search for green pasture land and fresh drinking water. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

4.Ngorongoro Crater is One of the Best Places to See the Big Five

The Big Five of Africa – lion, cheetah, rhino, elephant, and buffalo – are the main attraction of Tanzania where they can be easily spotted. Serengeti especially is the ideal place to be to spot them. But it can get overcrowded in peak season. Another destination is the pristine wilderness of Ngorongoro Conservation Area where the Ngorongoro Crater is located where the Big Five are easily spotted. Not only is this relatively free from crowd, it’s scenic beauty exceeds that of other national parks in Tanzania.

5. Tanzania is Home to Distinctive and Delicious Cuisine

Tanzania is nothing less than a heaven for foodies. Tanzania Accommodations include the delicious local cuisine is both a pleasure to eye and mouth alike. Its cusine is heavily influenced by Arab, Indian, and European way of preparation. Soups, Zanzibar Pizza, flatbreads, curries are just some of the things you’ll be served in here. Besides that, you can always find restaurants in every major city serving international cuisine.

6.Tarangire National Park is Home to Unique Tree-Climbing Lions

The sixth largest national park of Tanzania located in the Manyara region, Tarangire National Park is home to the unique tree climing lions which are often seen resting lazily in the branches of the trees situated alongside the Tarangire River. They prey on the animals coming to the river for drinking water, and the river itself make a good source of water for them. Hence, they can be easily spotted in here.

7. The Beaches of Zanzibar Are Stunning

The islands of Zanzibar archipelago which are a collection of a number of small and big islands are known for housing some of the most stunning beaches in the world. It is located at half an hour flight from the coastal town and former capital, Dar Es Saalam. Zanzibar Beach Holidays include the white sand beaches along with swaying palm and coconut trees with azure clear water of Indian Ocean ahead provide the best possible relaxing atmosphere with little to no crowds around. In the Zanzibar island, which is the main island in this archipelago, you have Stone Town and Spice gardens as exploration options.

8.  Scuba Diving Off the Coast Offers Experiences unlike Any Other

From the beaches off Zanzibar coast, there are numerous diving spots with rich coral reef and marine ecosystem which make up for a wonderful scuba diving experience. If your plan is to avoid diving too deep, then you can go for snorkelling.

Tanzania Safaris no doubt promise a lot of fun and a sense of rogetherness and never fails to fulfill that. Whether you're a solo backpacker or on a honeymoon trip with your spouse, Tanzania has got it all to carter to every group.

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