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Tanzania Top Rated Safari Destination

Long gone are the days when safari was only meant for research and explorations purpose, in these early days we saw the raise of adventure craving directed towards African countries. Visiting different safari and holiday destinations has become one of the major life style and a perfect getaway from tiresome life style. Have a picnic lunch at the bush close to wildlife dramas, watching sunset from top of the mountain or get your feet wet with amazing beach relaxation.

Tanzania a safari destination amongst many Africa countries provides visitors with exclusive adventure of their lifetime giving them a chance to embark on the journey that will mark a milestone on their lifetime bucket list and create unforgettable memories. Though in other hand Tanzania goes beyond just offering adventure services to its visitors and that one among many reason Tanzania has been selected as top rated safari and holiday destination in Africa.

According to the largest online portal for African safari tours, Tanzania is the best safari country in 2017. Centered on the analysis conducted involving more than 2500 experts and safari goers reviews. Reviews used on the evaluation were written by tourists, adventure lovers and safari critics who went on a safari, trekking or beach holidays with some of Africa’s leading travel experts located in Tanzania.

“Our analysis included more than 2500 experts and safari goer reviews. The reviews were evaluated to find the overall favoritesafari destination and decide the 2017 winner” state a report posted on their website

Third party online safari portal like and trip advisor they added that their analysis also revealed that Tanzania’s popular wildlife space, culture and endless adventure landscape made it the best country overall for wildlife drama and adventures.

Tanzania (/ˌtænzəˈniːə/) officially the United Republic of Tanzania (in Swahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania), is the eastern Africa country within the African Great Lakes region that lies immediately south of the Equator. On the north it borders Kenya and Uganda, to the west are Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, south are Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique and the Indian Ocean to the east. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is in north-eastern Tanzania.

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most renowned national parks, cultural attractions and the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro rising above and the legendary Serengeti savannah plains.

Most visitors will find themselves passing through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania business capital and heading out on safaris and various wildlife and cultural adventures. Safari to Katavi, Selous, Ruaha, Tarangire and Ngorongoro national parks to the up close experience of great annual migration of millions of wildebeest at Serengeti.

For those who want to take a break, relaxing and spend some time soaking up the sun, the stunning beaches of Zanzibar beckon. Off Pemba and Mafia islands is a whole other kind of natural sensation, one of place mostly treasured by scuba divers and snorkelers who come here from around the world to experience the colorful fish, coral gardens and famous crystal clear waters.

“We, the people of Tanganyika, would like to light a candle and put it on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro which would shine beyond our borders giving hope where there was despair, love where there was hate and dignity where there was before only humiliation.”- Mwalimu J.K.Nyerere 22nd October 1959

Appreciate that greatest speech ever made by Tanzania’s first president freedom fighter and father of the nation by standing on top of the so called Roof of Africa or the Crown of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro. Visitors can embark on one of the breath taking trekking in the world with combination of trails, wildlife exploration and in all experience a true Tanzania hospitality.

Tanzania will keep maintain its status as the best safari destination and holiday getaways because its hospitality industry is still be driven by both strategies, preservations and depends entirely on the calm, social and hospitality of Tanzanian people.

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