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Tanzania Destinations On A Budget – 6 Top Tips That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Home Tanzania Destinations On A Budget – 6 Top Tips That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Only because your budget is so tight and limited doesn’t mean that you should miss all the delights of life including all the excitement that Tanzania Destinations has to offer. Your travel ambitions might be bigger than your wallet, but with a little careful & intelligent thinking & planning, you can enjoy your Tanzanian adventure as much as any billionaire would. There are several safari companies that are offering some great packages for people having a tight budget as well as limited time to spare for a safari trip to see the marvels of Tanzania. We are of the opinion that you can definitely make the cut once you visit our website and go through our tour packages that are really going to make sense to you what they have to offer.

So, here are the tips for big savings for your African Safari Tours of a lifetime that are as follows:-

►Book A Tour Operator

  • Surfing and browsing the net for genuine safari companies is the very first step and after you have to choose one of them.
  • Ascertaining they are genuine or not by going through the customer’s review is the next best thing you must do before booking a tour operator.
  • After that when you have finalised that you will go with a particular Tour Operator, please check the rates of the safari packages again and if possible, please contact the tour operator directly regarding the rates of the packages and accommodations because prices tend to change due to any type of tilt or change in the demand curve. 
  • Thus, by far booking, a tour operator wisely is the very first and the most important component of your Tanzania travel.

►Book Our Budget Safaris And Hikes

  • You can go with our budget Tanzania Safaris and hikes because we are well known in the region for providing the best Tanzania Camping Safaris.
  • Moreover, it is a fun-filled option for all those travellers interested in having a simple yet life-changing experience during their safari trip.
  • The National Parks like Gombe and Kitavi are the best choices for organising the Tanzania Budget Camping Safari.
  • As far as, Gombe is concerned, it is the smallest of Tanzania’s national parks that is best known for its
  • Chimpanzee community and occasionally you can also find blue or red-tail monkeys, is a great place to camp. It is completely safe for our affordable walking tours and swimming.
  • Talking about Katavi, It is completely remote and visiting it through our package is extremely affordable. It is known for relatively very calm and peaceful because of fewer crowds and fewer demands to visit this place. You might like to visit it in case you are the one who hate the crowds and congested safaris.  


►Search For A Healthy And Tasty Eating

Our Tanzania Safari Destinations are specifically designed to meet all your needs and demands. By booking with us, you can have your hands on the healthy and tasty eating that we provide such as boxed lunches and outdoor kitchens that will give you the taste of nature that is completely free from various types of hazardous oils and harmful chemicals.

►Book Cheap Hotels- We Can Advice

There are several budget hotels on our list that will be at your disposal during your visit to our budget-friendly Tanzania Destinations. We are mentioning some of the names here that are on our sponsored list are as follows:-

The Green Mountain Hotel: –

This hotel is approximately five minutes away from Arusha city & thirty minutes away from the Kilimanjaro airport. Moreover, it is also fourteen minutes away from Arusha airport.

Venus Hotel: –

It is also located in Arusha and well-known in the vicinity for its affordability among the domestic & international customers.  

Like these, there are several affordable places in Tanzania such as Onsea house, Freedom Lodge, Green land, Moivaro Lodge, Arusha tourist in that are well-known lodges and hotels that will accommodate you comfortably for a fair and affordable price.

►Join A Group

You might be well aware of sharing. You can share the burden of your safari price with your buddies or friends if they are also coming with you for this trip. In case, that is not happening then, you can join a group with whom who can comfortably share the price of the safari package. Like this, even if the price of the package goes hard on you then because of sharing the price with others, you can just minimize the pain of the pinch that you will have on your pocket during the African Safari Tours.   

Beaches On Budget

Last but not least, there are several beaches in Zanzibar Islands that comes at an affordable price. To know more info about it, please contact our operators who can brief you with better information about it.

Thus, these are the six top tips that will literally help you in avoiding any damage that can break your bank account during your safari trip to Tanzania Destinations. Moreover, we don’t have any hidden charges that can force you to have a harrowing experience like notorious tour operators. Thus, we advise you to play the game wisely to stay safe and booking with us will be your best bet. For further information please contact us @

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