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Kenya Destinations: 18 Reasons To Visit It On Your Next Holiday

Home Kenya Destinations: 18 Reasons To Visit It On Your Next Holiday

 Kenya is a country that sets things into motion with iconic sights, tribal cultures and natural marvels. The snow-capped peak of powerful & strong Mt Kenya, the Masai Mara's golden, grassy plains, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the yearly migration of millions of wildebeest are just some of the delights waiting for each and everyone in the world to come and watch the exceptional & exclusive wonders of Kenya. There is no dearth of natural sights in this country and the tour operator with whom you have signed up with will do everything in his power Kenya Destinations to ensure that you have a very good time while enjoying the tour of. 

Here are some of the best & 18 good reasons to start planning a trip of your own for enjoying Kenya Holidays and Safaris are as follows:-

1. Entry Is Simpler Than Ever

To make matters simple for travel-faring tourists and also to endorse Kenya and its tourism, Kenyan govt. Authorities introduced an e-visa system in 2015 that exempts travellers from selected countries from applying for the entry documents before travelling or queues up at the airport for all the right stamps. Such a simplification just erases also those slow and boring bureaucratic processes that are hated by everyone while planning for Kenya Travel

2. It's Ideal For Safari First-Timers

Before making a plan, several holidaymakers like to take the advice of renowned travel experts and most of them recommend Kenya Destinations as one of the best safari destinations in the world. People, who are first-time safari trekkers, will get various benefits because Kenyan safari industry is supported and sponsored by a brilliant and efficient safari infrastructure with stunning options of choosing various camps & lodges to suit every single budget either it is low or high. 

3. You Might Spot The Big Five

Believe it or not! You as well as other travellers might also spot the big five because Kenya is a home and a good environment for all of them. Here, people can be able to spot all five of them such as African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African Leopard and last but not the least white or black rhinos all at once. 

4. Or Witness The Greatest Migration On Earth

A responsible operator like Face of Africa adventures are known for providing some brilliant guides who can take trekkers to the exact spots were wildebeest migration is taking place that is one of the big take-ups while enjoying Kenya Holidays. Travellers who are planning holidays between mid-august to October can watch more than a million wildebeest migrating from Tanzania’s Serengeti and pouring into Kenya’s Maasai Mara accompanied by thousands of Gazelle & Zebra. Seriously! When it comes to watching the migration sceneries by the backpackers such as the mass movement of these animals and the hypnotic magnificence attached to it, Kenya is the most excellent place.   

5. Big Cats Abound

Kenya’s Maasai Mara is a place where backpackers & avid wildlife watchers can watch the big cats ruling the plains. In here, one can watch cheetahs and lions roam the plains as they own them. These predators wait for the migrating wildebeests more or less like the same way as people wait for their lunch or dinner. Like it or not, such a hunt spearheaded by these predators is also one of the best parts of great migration and important to balance the food chain and nature.    

6. After A Safari, Flop On The Beach

After taking pleasure in an adventurous safari in dozens of Kenyan national parks, trekkers especially the honeymooners can romance and flirt with each other in a relaxed manner on white sand Indian Ocean beaches. Besides just indulging in the romance with the partner on all such Kenyan beaches, trekkers can also make time for diving, snorkelling and taking part in various similarly bold & audacious sporting activities.       

7. The BirdLife Will Have You All A Flutter 

Do you love birds? How do you feel getting connected with one? Isn’t that peaceful when you see them? When young & first-time travellers visit Kenya they can watch more than 1000 documented bird species including flamboyant crowds of pink flamingos amassing in Lake Nakuru. Besides them, bird lovers can also visit Lake Naivasha that is home to golden-winged sunbirds, superb starlings as well as African fish eagles. 

8. You Can Sleep Under The Stars

There are several good campsites and lodges in Kenya where guests can experience the wildlife of Kenya by night in private huts open to the skies. Trekkers will get beds that can be wheeled out into the open or taken inside depending on the weather. A night under a Kenyan sky is immensely beautiful especially when you visit places like Laikipia that has awesome environment all around such as fresh fragrance of air containing the smell of greenery, active with the sound of creatures and a sky that is lit up with trillion stars.   

9. Mount Kenya Rivals Mount Kilimanjaro

Nobody is talking about rivalry here but Mount Kenya has all those traits that place it along with Mount Kilimanjaro. Moreover, it is also considered as a more challenging climb compared to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Besides those people who visit Kenya for African Safari in Kenya also finds this mountain sitting in its own national park in the middle of widespread fauna and flora. The surrounding areas of this mountain provide stunning panoramas over the plains & the savannah below. While ascending through the foothills of the mountain several climbers can spot elephant, black rhino, Cape buffalo, Colobus monkey, antelope as well as a giant forest hog.    

10. It Has Ancient Sites That Will Interest Everyone

People who are interested in pre-historic ruins, forts and monuments don’t have to be disappointed. Here, the former town of Gedi near Kenya coast is really going to captivate you. Here people can learn a lot about its origins.

11. Its Home To One Of The Queen’s Favourite Hotels

Have you ever spent your time in Queen Elizabeth’s favourite hotel? How did you felt? Living like a royal, isn’t it? There is one such lodge in Kenya that was founded in 1932. It is known to be a favourite hotel for Queen Elizabeth.

12. Wills Proposed To Kate In Kenya

People who believe in marriages and relationships made in heaven can propose to their future partners or fiancées while on a trip to Kenya because Kenya is a lucky place for doing romance with a spouse or proposing to the fiancée. It happened even with royals like Prince William and Kate Middleton when the royal prince proposed a commoner while staying at Lewa wildlife conservancy that is also listed in UNESCO.

13. Tourism Protects Kenya’s People And Wildlife

Yes, it’s right. Sensible tourism is an alternative option to poaching & discouraging people from getting involved in it. It supports the people who make their living from it as well as the rangers who protect the wildlife. It really did a lot to protect the traditional ways of life, cultures and wilderness.   

14. You’ll Come Home With Pretty Mementoes

This country is not just limited to wildlife, birds or fancy lodges. It is also home to several talented craftspeople making several desirable objects like ‘Kitengela’ glass.  

15. You Can Eat Breakfast Accompanied By Giraffes

Have you ever shared your breakfast with giraffes or accompanied by them? There are several boutique hotels in Kenya especially in suburbs of Nairobi that allows guest to participate in sunset feeding seasons. In some of these hotels and manors, trekkers can find several giraffes such as the herd of Rothschild giraffes will poke their heads through the windows of such manors in the vicinity for having some extra treats. 

16. Or Witness The Great Rift Valley

Trekkers can also visit and witness the Great Rift Valley consisting of Maasai herders, large groups of elephants as well as wide plains and spectacular escarpments that describe the Great Rift Valley that stretches from Jordan in the middle-east throughout Africa to Mozambique.   

17. There's A National Park Called Hell’s Gate

Have you ever visited a national park called Hell’s Gate? It sounds creepy, isn’t it?  It is named after a narrow crack in the cliffs that used to be a tributary of a prehistoric lake. Visitors can walk among buffalo, zebra, eland, gazelles and watch baboons scratching each other backs.        

18. Nairobi Has A Thriving Creative Arts Scene

How about having a tour of the capital of Kenya? When tourists arrive at the Nairobi airport there are a lot of attractions that make trekkers stick around such as Go Down Arts Centre, Shifteye Gallery, and The Kuono Trust. These centres provide the visitors with a chance to see Kenyan creative at work, showing a different side of Nairobi.

and visiting Kenya is like visiting a hidden paradise on earth that is basically not covered by the western or world media a lot. Thus only some people know the true worth of Kenya and all its wildlife attractions. Please visit us @ to know more about Kenya and its national parks & packages. Kenya Destinations There are unlimited attractions that are available in all the .

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