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How Green Season Offer The Real Time To Go For Tanzania Safari?

Home How Green Season Offer The Real Time To Go For Tanzania Safari?

Planning your Safari To Africa might seem daunting when you don't know the ins and outs of the continent’s travelling seasons. Categorized by three seasons, namely High Season (also known as Peak Season), Low Season (also referred to as Green Season) and Shoulder Season, we are here to help you find the best time go to Africa.

►The Magic Of Green Season Safaris

With no rain, the weather is more temperate and the dry climate ensures that animals gather around the watering holes, providing great opportunities to see high concentrations of wild animals during African Safari Tours.

►What Is The “Green Season” All About?

Abundant floral growth, flourishing bugs, migrant birds in feeding frenzies and breeding plumage, new life to breeding herds and plenty of opportunities for the predators of every description feature the Green Season.

►Why Green?

Green Season falls within the long wet season, over April and May coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere winter and the cold icy weather. The plains turn from a dull brown to a verdurous green with colourful sprays as flowers blossom. Insects and migrant birds add to the beauty of the season. Foals, cubs, fawns and calves all being birthed within this very special season enhance the liveliness of the place.

►What Is So Good About The Green Season?

Wildlife photography lovers find long days filled with opportunity as they click the wildlife encounters and the dramatic landscapes in their African Safari Tours. Wildlife enthusiasts get busy in the natural diversity and the copious critters whilst tour guides are challenged by cutting new routes

Dense thickets, swollen streams, puddles and mud patches give the essence of a wildlife safari.

Birding is at its very peak with northern migrants paying their annual visit to the African rain-forests.

The green season totally unpredictable and surprises are to be expected any part of the day. To top it all – there are a fewer people about that enhance the chances of having great swathes of wilderness to yourself.

Also, with fewer people, you can expect reduced safari rates

You can expect to save up from 30-50% off on the regular daily safari rates during other seasons!

►7 Reasons To Seriously Considering A Green Safari:

  • Be a more active Safari Traveller.
  • Potentially have a section of the Serengeti or Maasai Mara entirely to yourselves.
  • See larger concentrations of animals at close range.
  • Enjoy longer days in Africa with the early rising and late setting African sun in summer.
  • Capture the most incredible photographs as light streaks the skies in incredible colours.
  • View more predator/prey encounters as hunter’s prey on new-born calves and fawns.
  • Experience a richer Safari as you are exposed to other fascinating aspects of wildlife.

►Green Season Destinations

In East Africa

Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is at its very best for wildlife during the Green Season. The large herds of wildebeest, big five and zebra are challenged by the big river crossings before they begin to head south for the extraordinary migration. Once the rains have fallen the northern parts of the Serengeti is often filled with scenes of utter and unusual chaos during this seasonal cusp. The southern parts are carpeted in sweet short grass and remain home to massive herds. This time witnesses the breeding season.

►Tanzania's Green Season:

Pros Of Traveling In Tanzania's Green Season

Tanzania Safari’s Green Season offers you all the perks at half the price. Experience Africa in its true form, where wildlife thrives and onlookers are few. For the adventurer looking for a more intimate, exclusive safari experience we recommend travelling during Green Season.

Home to Africa’s highest mountain one of its most famous lakes and the idyllic island Zanzibar, you’d think that Tanzania pretty much already has it all. Add to this mix the Serengeti and you probably have one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse countries and all the ingredients for an incredible safari experience. Two camps that have established themselves as premium places for enjoying a Green Safari are Ubuntu Camp and Olivers Camp.

Travelling African Safari Tours is always being the first choice for every travel lovers & also it is a year-round travel destination, but travel during green season is the better choice for everyone. Are you facing any problem or need some travel queries, then Call us (+255 784 162 038) or visit our website to book your Green Season safari now! We are always being there to help you.

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