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The Serengeti; even the word itself sounds like being limitless or far away, like a distant galaxy or unreachable star. As we all know that Serengeti is in Africa and we also know that the Serengeti is a place where lions roar and eagles soar in the air & in the sky, where hyenas laugh and hippos lounge! But what exactly is the Serengeti? How does it operate? And for our purposes, what region of the Serengeti is best suited for an awesome safari? These are the questions that you are going to find answers about during your tour to the famed Tanzania Destinations and the tour guides of Face of Africa adventures are going to give those answers to you during your safari ride.  

But before that, this post is all about the detailed answers regarding the WHAT, the WHY, and the WHERE of the Serengeti. Where exactly is the Serengeti, and in what sections do safari tourists typically travel to be answered here:-  

►Quick History: The Serengeti’s Beginnings

For people who are visiting African Safari Tours for the very first time should and must have a brief introduction with the park that is famously known as Serengeti. Basically, this park is an ecosystem that is known for its outstanding biodiversity that overlapping the political borders of its neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Tanzania.

People who might not have a clear idea about its size, it is somewhere around the size of Northern Ireland and is known for teaming with over two million wild animals such as wildebeest, gazelles, zebra, and innumerable other species.

It is also best known for its wildebeest migration also known as the Great Migration.

►Serengeti Vs. Serengeti National Park.

People, especially the travellers get confused with words like Serengeti & the Serengeti National Park. But seriously & technically, they are not the same. When talking about the dark side, it is a strictly protected region that expands to somewhere around 5700 square miles.

Talking about Serengeti, it means the greater Serengeti ecosystem that is a much larger area that travellers will encounter during African Safari Tours and covers an area around 12,000 square miles. Frankly speaking, the bigger Serengeti involves the park as well as all the game reserves.

►Four Regions Of The Serengeti: Central (Seronera), Western Corridor, Northern, Southern

Our experienced drivers and guides at Africa safari adventures are well aware of every corner of the park and will provide you with the much-needed information along the way. Now, in order to give you the general sense of all the four regions of Serengeti, please follow the details of all four regions of Serengeti mentioned below that will help you to know more about the Tanzania Destinations properly:-


Region 1. Central (Seronera) Serengeti

The first and foremost region is Seronera and it is one of the world-famous attractions in central Serengeti. It is normally a valley that supports the diversity of wildlife inhabitants. The central part of Serengeti is best known for lions, Cheetahs and leopards. Moreover, it is extraordinary for year-round wildlife viewing.

Region 2. Western Corridor and Grumeti

The West Serengeti is commonly called as Western Corridor. It is an area that is known for taking shape of a giant and huge valley flanked to the north and south by hills. It is best known Great Migration of Wildebeests and Zebras crossing the Grumeti River, viewing rare Colobus monkeys and huge Nile crocodiles as well as large herds of elephants and giraffes.

Region 3. Northern Serengeti

Northern Serengeti is a big home for vast migratory herds during the dry season that starts from July to November. People who are coming here for the first time can explore its wilderness that is packed with dramatic landscapes and plentiful wildlife.

Thus, northern Serengeti is best known for Great Migration crossing Mara River, endangered Oribi antelope & black Rhino.

Region 4: Southern Serengeti

The southern Serengeti area consists of world-famous Serengeti plains and it is best known for being home to great migration from December to April and great for viewing wildlife in Serengeti. Moreover, it is a favourite area for various filmmakers & photographers.

►Bottom Line?


This specific part of African Safari Destinations is not just some short-lived dreamscape. But a real and active ecosystem that effectively contributes to the planet’s ecological system as well as working as a habitat to millions of animals, migratory birds as well as a unique game preserve for tourists where both the predator and its prey fight for survival on a daily basis.

This is what Serengeti is all about. It is a big stage where every traveller can watch a life, nature and its characters are playing their part either being a hunter or hunted or being able to survive. During your trip to these famed Tanzania Destinations, you are going to see and watch lot of things. Please feel free to write to us @ You will be always greeted with healthy smiles and open hands.

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