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A Tip Based Article To Get The Most From Your African Safari Tours

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To get the most from your African Safari Tours you need to be well-prepared and must be completely aware of what to expect. An African safari involves numerous wildlife game drives, staying in remote locations, and observing the behaviour and survival skills of Nature’s inhabitants. But there are certain things we have to keep in mind before set out to Tanzania Safaris and that is the reason why we are writing this tip-based article on how to prepare for and ensure you get the most from your Tanzanian safari. In this look at how game drives really work and how you can get the most adventure fuelled excitement and adrenaline from them.

All these reasons have been mentioned below in a chronological order for your convenience:-

► Game Viewing Is In Closed-Sided 4×4 Vehicles

  • Game viewing in closed-sided 4×4 vehicles will always remain as an awesome experience for both the first timer and for the regular customers for various reasons while enjoying your African Safari & watching the wild animals in actions from afar.
  • The Toyota Land Cruises are closed-sided 4×4 vehicles that are the standardised version of East African design that are specially modified only for Safaris.
  • These vehicles are mostly used for overland road African Safaris with sliding glass windows as well as roof hatches that can pop-out automatically.
  • Furthermore, these trucks offer plenty of storage space for safekeeping and storing of your electronic tools and luggage.
  • These vehicles are also getting constantly modified according to the changing times and now they are coming equipped with updated electronic gadgets enabling you to charge your cameras.
  • Last, but not the least, while enjoying the safari adventure in a closed sided 4×4 vehicles, every passenger is definitely assured a window seat. You can roll down the windows completely for watching a great wildlife from the comforts & safety of your vehicle.

► Leaving The Van Is Dangerous

  • Under no circumstances, you are going to leave your van. Even, if you have to do so because of a personal emergency, you must take the help and guidance of your guide.
  • Because during the game drive you are in a safari park that doesn’t have any barriers between you and the wild animals and such park is always filled predators like lions, leopards and cape buffaloes that are extremely dangerous and leaving your vehicle is just like inviting trouble to your doorstep.

► Toilet Breaks

  • During a long day African Safari Tours, it is just natural for you and everyone else to have natural calls and every human being either it is a man or woman, they have to answer it.
  • Thus, in such a situation, you have to ask your guide and your escort about urgently going near a bush alone and he will understand that.
  • He will make sure that you get such a bush or tree that is free from wild animals.
  • But while going to the bush, you must also ensure that there is no wild animal nearby by just looking around all over the place.
  • Moreover, you must also make sure that there are no snakes, insects, bugs that might be dangerous for you. In order to make sure that you are safe, please walk while thumping the ground with your legs. By doing so, animals like snakes and bugs will leave your path.
  • Thus, you have to use all such tactics to ensure your safety while going for a loo break.

► Food And Drinks

While on your safari drive, you will be enjoying the best part of your Best African Safari Tours when you will get the opportunity to try various types of African food & drinks such as Fufu, Ugali, Pap, Sadza & Mealie meal and as far as drinks are concerned, you can have drinks like Gin & Tonic, Witblits, Amarula that are different types of liquors and local made coffees.   

► Essentials To Take

In order to enjoy your African Safari And Tours, you have to pack 4 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of underwear, Flannel pyjama pants, very thin waterproof raincoat, sunglasses, hat with chin strap, swimsuit as well as lightweight & durable waterproof shoes as well as flip-flops or sandals and several more things.

► Etiquette

While on your African Safari tours, you have to follow some etiquette or decorum in order to enjoy your safaris such as getting ready on time, being very considerate, talking in moderation, No-sudden movements, staying patient while on the drive and many more.  

► Taking Pictures

It is a good habit of taking pictures while on a safari drives, thus take a good and affordable DSLR camera and a bunch of long and short-range lenses. Besides this don’t forget to pack your charger, spare batteries and a good number of memory cards.

Thus, these are some of the above-mentioned lessons and tips through which you can get to see and enjoy almost every best part of our wildlife adventure on your African Safari Tours. If you have any types of doubts and questions regarding our safari tour company or packages as well as their prices then please feel free to write to us @ Moreover, you can also comment or message to us in our ‘Contact Us’ page. We are looking forward to help you in every way possible by us. Have a happy journey with Face Of Africa Adventures

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