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10 Tips For African Safari Tours For The Over 60s

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 Our philosophy is to do travelling as long as we can. There are beautiful places to see and things to do even for senior citizens. So we say to those who might be hesitant, just do it – but be sure to plan carefully and thoroughly and it help the seniors to enjoy the safari as much as in the same way as the youngsters enjoy it. Moreover, seniors like to stay closer to nature than their own young ones. Thus, we have designed and crafted our African Safari  Tours in such a way that it will suit everyone including the senior citizens of the country.

In order to help the senior citizens to get the most out of these African Safari Tours, they have to keep in mind ten most important things that will eventually workout during the tour, are as follows:-

1. Make Sure You’re In Good Health

1) When you are in your 60s, booking for safari is a very good idea but before executing your plan you have to consult your family doctor or take an appointment with him or her to take stock of your health and figure out if you are indeed in a good health to go for an African Safari.

2) If the doctor gives you a green signal then you are all set to go. In case, there is any health issue, your doctor will notify you on that and will advise you in taking necessary precautions and in case the situation regarding health is really serious, the doctor will advise you against the journey.

2.Catch Up On Your Injections

1) While booking an appointment with your doctor, be sure to ask about recommended vaccinations that are necessary before and after or during the trip.

2) As a senior, when you are planning a trip, you have to ensure that you are up to date with important inoculations. It has to be kept in mind that diseases are more common in African countries.

3) While commencing for your African Safari Tours you must also consider some additional vaccinations and inoculations such as Hepatitis, typhoid, polio & yellow fever.

4) Moreover, you can also contact government agencies and organisations likeMASTA that is also known as Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad. They can surely assist you in finding the nearest travel health clinic in a case; you are facing any medical complications.

3. Bring Enough Medication and Necessities

1) It is always better to stockpile your medications for the entire journey so that you might not get caught up in a tight situation.

2)Never forget to bring a fully stocked first aid kit also because that will help you in healing injuries like accidental snake bites or any other unwanted injuries during your African Safari Destinations.

4. Consider The Seasons And Temperatures

1) Seniors who are willing to take the trip must also consider learning about the seasons and temperature while booking for the African Safari. It is very important because seasons and temperature can often get you off-guard.

2) In case, you are travelling during the months of summer, you must avoid staying out during the safari for too long. Furthermore, you must also forbid taking any tiring or exhausting activity, especially during the summer season.

3) Always prepare for the weather & bring along a wide-brimmed hat and cool as well as breathable clothes.

4) Always keep in mind that the temperatures in places like Africa will fluctuate during the entire day or during a 24-hour cycle even if the weather is hot. Don’t forget to bring in the sweater, windbreaker and warm clothes, since the temperature can drop once the sun goes down.

5. Plan Your Journey Wisely

1) Even though you might consider yourself fit and healthy, it is vital to choose your itinerary wisely.

2) As you are in your 60s, you must also avoid rushing around as this will be exhausting and unrewarding. Instead of that, take your time while planning the itinerary and it will help you to enjoy your tour peacefully.

3) While booking, it is better to opt for a guiding safari that will be one of your. Best African Safari Tours that you will get. During the tour, you don’t have to navigate, because you will get the extra knowledge from your guide. Thus, helping you to sit back & enjoy your amazing surroundings.

4) Furthermore, you can also select a self-driving safari by designing your own itinerary by setting your own agenda & driving your own vehicle.

6. Carefully Consider Your Lodging And Accommodation

1) Carefully consider your lodging & accommodation properly that will help you to relax and unwind while you are enjoying the safari tour by watching wildlife and wild animals from a safe distance.

2) While staying in lodges or in tented accommodation will help you in getting excellent activities such as guided game drives.

7. Comfort Is Key

1)Comfort is the key to the success of your African Safari Tours and Travel. While commencing on your journey, you must ensure that your personal safari tour will be as comfortable as possible.

2) Check your renting accommodation once again with the travel company and ask questions and demand answers, if you have noticed any lack of facilities during your stay and if possible request the authorities to provide the facilities that you require.

8. Take Injury Prevention Seriously

1) Always take care in preventing your injury very seriously. During your expedition to a safari in places like Africa, even simple bumps & scrapes can lead to serious infections, if they are not treated in time.

2) Apart from this, you have to take about some other safety measures such as always wearing your seatbelt during a safari game drive as well as avoid driving at night.

3) Apart from all this, you must also purchase an additional travel health insurance plan.

9. Get Involved In Community Projects

While enjoying your safaris you can also get involved in community projects like helping the locals bringing in some school supplies for needy schools that are run in the area.

10. Continue Travelling, That’s What Retirement Is For!

African Safari Tours is all about constantly travelling that will help you in enjoying your retirement. Enjoying the last days of your life is just awesome.

These tips for people above 60s will be really helpful for those who have invested most of their time, money and energy in the well-being of their own respective families. Now, our hand crafted safari tours will help them enjoy their own life and letting them take control of their life with their own set of rules. Please Contact Us For more info on senior citizen oriented guided African Safari Tours.

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