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10 Best Things To Experience In Tanzania Destinations

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Tanzania is one of Africa’s and the planet’s most beautiful and exciting travel destinations and a trip to Tanzania Destinations must be on the bucket list of every traveller. Country such as Tanzania offers something for each and everyone, from hiking the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and watching fantastic wildlife in the Serengeti to exploring the convoluted alleys of Stone Town that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as relaxing on the exotic Indian Ocean beaches of Zanzibar. We consider a journey through Tanzania is one of the most epic trips one can be made in a lifetime.


Here are the ten best things to do in Tanzania that will give you a unique experience that you have never felt or seen before are as follows:-

► Hike In The Rainforest's Canopy At Lake Manyara National Park

The main feature of this Lake Manyara National Park such as Tanzania’s free treetop walkway is starting with a short board walk that normally rises from the ground level up to the canopy of the forest. While walking over the series of suspension bridges with thick netting on the sides, you can experience the untouched nature and wildlife from exceptional viewpoint while on Tanzania Safari Tours.  

This park is also world famous for its residents such as the tree climbing lions. Yes, people who are enjoying a game drive inside this park will be able to view a pride relaxing in an acacia tree and is an incredible sight.

One third of this park also hosts millions of pink flamingos coming to the park during the rainy season.

► Be Awe-Inspired By The Ngorongoro Crater

You have much more to watch and enjoy bro!  Your next safari destination that comes in your bucket list is Ngorongoro Crater that is protected area and marked as UNESCO world heritage site and it is situated in the western side of the Tanzanian city of Arusha.

The speciality of this crater is that it houses thousands of large and rare wild animals including endangered black rhinoceros & herds of wildebeests, zebras as well as Thomson’s Gazelles.

There are much more interesting facts that will make your trip exciting during game drives to this crater you will be just amazed to watch dense population of lions numbering around 60 and for the steady rise in population the credit goes to the various conservation efforts of the locals and the forest officials living there. 

► Watch The Great Migration In The Serengeti

When it comes to watching ‘Great Migration’ Serengeti is the best place in Tanzania Destinations that you must vouch for. You will get to see here the large horde of wildebeest & zebras chasing the rains and the fresh grasslands in a spectacular jaw-dropping race for life while being chased by numerous opportunistic predators such as lion, leopard, crocodiles and cheetahs.

► Observe Elephants In Tarangire National Park

When you are coming to visit Tarangire National Park on a Tanzania Camping Safari you are going to find this place lovely and quiet. Here you are going to see a variety of wild life to watch as exotic and beautiful as its landscape. It is home to the largest populace of African elephants. You can also watch them or hear them while camping in the park nearby to their habitat, but from a safe distance.

► Visit Stone Town, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

After exploring the animals located in parks during your African Safari Tours then you must head towards Zanzibar to enjoy your Tanzania Beach Holidays especially Stone Town that is UNESCO protected world heritage site. Here you can watch the spice cultivation.

It is still the most important city and harbour in East Africa. During your tour of this town, you will find its urban fabric still intact with its townscape. Its busy alleys are lined up by historic Omani palaces and filled with rich aromas of spices, perfumes and local handcrafts.  

► Go Back In Time On Mafia Island

It’s a marine park and an ideal holiday destination for people interested in nature and outdoor activities like diving and snorkelling in the water. For visitors, this island gives a feeling of staying stuck in time because of absence of development for decades.

► Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a greatest achievement for every hiker who visit this mountain located in Tanzania. It is the tallest free standing mountain of the world and this mountain is open for hikers round the year, but it will be better for you to visit it on the months of January or February or in the months of July to September. 

► Relax On Zanzibar's Magnificent Beaches

Yes, relaxing on the Zanzibar magnificent beaches is one of the best pick-up points in the Tanzania safari tour. Besides holidays, it is also best for couples who want to enjoy the days of their Tanzania Honeymoon Safari.

► Largest Concentration Of Baboons In Lake Manyara National Park

In case, you are heading towards Lake Manyara National Park, during the trek, you will get to watch the largest concentrations of Baboons hanging on the trees and playing with their members of the group. 

► Flamingos Of Lake Manyara National Park

Not just for Baboons, Lake Manyara National Park is also known for pink flamingos that you will find in plenty covering the lake and making it look pink for the visitors. That is going to be one of the tantalizing views to watch. Besides that, you will also find more than 450 species of other birds in this park.

By just taking the tour of Tanzania Destinations even once in your life, you will able to understand the meaning of wild life nature deeply and in the true sense, you will fall in love with it. You can write to us @ to know more and plan you safari in advance.

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