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When people plan for African Safari, they think of the dense forests, towering mountains, vast savannahs, game packed National Parks, and the arid deserts: that constitute various landscapes which make Africa one of the best hotspots in the world. But forgetting to its coastal beauty is an injustice to this land. Africa offers some of the superb coast lines that host the finest beaches where the beauty and tranquillity overpowers to any of the African charm.

Among the abundant of beaches, Zanzibar in Tanzania is considered to be the top rated one as it receives maximum numbers of tourists from all over the world. Remember, that the Zanzibar Beaches are the best ways to explore the people and the culture. If you want a combine experience of nature, culture and adventure, then the Stone Town Tour is the ideal way to go for.

Anyone visiting to Zanzibar, must visit to its capital Stone Town In Zanzibar to explore it’s historical marvels such as the House of Wonders, Forodhani Gardens, Old Fort etc. The town is an architectural marvel, with a blend of aesthetics and military fortification and is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar. The monuments and the images that state about the past black days of slave tread would mesmerise you. Take a Stone Town Tour to immerse with the grand beauty of this spice island.

Take a dip with us in the azure water of the Indian Ocean or go for any water sports , We would make your Stone Town Tour full  of experiences that you can’t forget all through your life. Click on Face Of Africa Adventure or dial to +255 784 162 038 for the combine exploration of Zanzibar beaches and the Stone Town.