Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

If you are planning a trip to Tanzania or anywhere else in East Africa in the near future, you are in luck. Face of Africa Adventures will help you build the ultimate safari experience.

Here at Face of Africa Adventures, we provide custom tours. Unlike most tour companies, Face of Africa Adventures does not limit you to specific dates and programs. Instead, we carefully tailor each vacation to suit your individual needs.

Our guides are placed through two years of rigorous training and are passionate about their jobs. They will accommodate you to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime!

Experience in the field

We were here, we are here and we will be here, tour operations are what we do best! Over seven year’s experience we have experienced our share of ups and downs yet we still stand passionate and stronger than before, improvement is our motto

Responsible tourism

We operates according to nations and international rules of conducting tourism Face of Africa Adventures operations ensure the safety of the people, communities and animals in the environment where tourism is conducted.

We give back

Face of Africa Adventures do not only receive money from you, we share our profit with the community we live in by helping children living in most vulnerable conditions such as orphans

Employee welfare

Unlike other companies, our potters and guides do not depend on tips. The welfare of our employees comes first; the salaries we pay are standard from the directed authorities.

We are the company not brokers.

When you come to us you have come to company that operates its own services, unlike other companies who are only agents , we are recognized by the Tanzania National Parks Authority and we are registered under TARA(Tourism License Agent).

We are flexible.

We provide your custom tour. We are not fixed to dates or places, just tell us about you and we will give you your ideal adventure.